Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Thursday

This is a typical day for me around the house with a couple of excepts. The first being that we did not have "Preschool" this morning. I can't explain why but I just didn't make myself stop and do it. I will mostly likely let Lily work on the "starfall" reading tonight on the computer. But I have loaded and unloaded the dishwasher because I wanted to clean the old food out of the fridge. But I knew that if I didn't empty it first I would not have enough room. There is one load of clothes in the dryer. I have folded one load and organized Zach's clothes. This means cleaning out and repacking his box of "too big" clothes. I did realize that he already has several pair of 12 month jeans and will mainly need shirts in the fall. I also packed up all the "winter" clothes that were left out and started moving all his clothes to his new dresser. (This dresser is a freebie that has been sitting in the living room since Sunday). I moved his hanging clothes to the laundry room and threw away or boxed up all the extra hangers I have. I want to be able to move the metal shelf to it's final home this weekend so that was the reason for this change. I have gone thur 2 bags of clothes that Haley pulled out of her room yesterday. 3/4 of them will go straight to "Goodwill" tomorrow but I did find several to try and take to the consignment store as well. I have bagged up the Fisher Price jungle gym to go in the attic and decided to leave the boat out for Zach to sit and play in. I just realize I should also box the bouncy seat up as well. Zach is now dressed and playing in the floor and I just realized it is 1pm so I have to get dressed shortly and head out to pick up Haley. Where has the day gone?

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